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Bed Ridden

Conference 02.10.2021

Talks on the topic of sickness. We invite two speakers whose words have inspired many to come out of shame and into creativity with their sickness.

Practices of Radical Health Care Feminist Health Care Research Group
what the heal Kate Blamire

Bed Ridden marks the end of the Sick Bed Series. We invited two artists who work with words and have been massively influential for our journeys through sickness—three people whose words held us, gave us hope and expanded our vision—to share some words for people in their beds, wherever in the world. This ends the series as we began—with listening: To our bodies, to each other, to stories and to aliveness in all its expressions.

We invite everyone, sick and not yet sick, to join us.

Bed Ridden took place on october 2nd 2021.

Feminist Health Care Research Group (Julia Bonn/Inga Zimprich)
Kate Blamire