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Performance Series 27.–28.09.2021

A series of four online performances from bed that explore what it is to live in a world that makes us sick. The artists in this series include Clay AD, Paca faraus, emeka ene and Martina Hefter.

The Kränk Martina Hefter
A cup is a cup Clay AD
Lush Bed Paca faraus
i wanna touch the outside of myself emeka ene

Beds can be many things — it is where we can dream, have sex, hide away, heal, spill out, be sick, get stuck, feel at home, and one day we might die in our beds. How can our beds be places of movement rather than stagnancy? If we close our eyes and imagine the walls dissolve, can we create a web between our beds?

We invited four artist to do online performances from their beds. They are friends that shared some of the way through sickness with us, each one bringing a unique perspective on the topics. Each performance is framed by a short somatic introduction and a Q&A with the artist after. The performances will be permanently available here as an online archive.